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"In America, there are 2 tax systems: one is for the informed and one is for the uninformed. Both are LEGAL."

Judge Learned Hand

Not All Taxes Are Created Equal

If you are a business owner, your success relies on the money you keep. Traditional tax levers are not going to create a competitive advantage. Well tested tax laws and regulations allow you to significantly and permanately reduce your income tax liabilities.

Do you think taxes will go down, go up, or stay the same over time?

It's too hard to say but the way our government spends money, odds are they will continue to increase! Would you rather pay taxes now, or in the future, and risk paying higher taxes in your retirement years?

Discover ways to reduce your tax liabilities, take advantage of new tax laws, reduce employee benefit spend, and improve employee benefit plans. We apply tax savings and benefit plan strategies that have been used for years by America’s wealthiest and most successful businesses and business owners, to your business and personal situation.


Where Your Business Is Incorporated Can Impact Your Bottom Line

See where your state ranks at the Tax Foundation.

Areas of Expertise: For Your Business

Forward Tax Planning & Analysis

Reduce Your Tax Liabilities

Designed and customized tax planning strategies for your business. We work exclusively with business owners or individuals who can control the way they receive their income. We are not a CPA firm but we do work with your CPA. The basis of our plans involves three components: Structure, Strategies, and Savings. 50+ proprietary tax savings solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

Specialty Tax Services

Federal, State, & Local Tax Credits, Incentives, and Deductions

We find tax incentives most businesses don't even know that they qualify for. We don't do CPA work, we specialize and work with CPAs to provide additional value to their clients. Less than 5% of all eligible businesses take advantage of available tax credits, incentives, and rebates issued by the government. Many industries are missing out on valuable tax incentives that they deserve, that provide much needed tax relief, and could greatly benefit their companies.

Ideal for companies within the following industries:

  • Architects & Engineering
  • Manufacturing [medical, aerospace, food, auto, tool & die, etc...]
  • Contractors
  • Real Estate Investors & Owners
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Agriculture
  • Dealerships
  • Technology & Software
  • And many more...

Less than 5% of these Benefits are Claimed by Eligible Businesses

Employee Benefit Innovation

Reduce deductibles and premiums.

Healthcare is broken! It's one of the largest expenses a business will incur. Every business is a healthcare business whether they believe it or not. But managing your program doesn't have to be hard. We truly help you manage your program. We guarantee a 10x return on your program when you work with us. Give your employees MORE, for LESS!

Tax-Free Retirement & Income Protection

Discover how small to medium sized business owners can protect themselves from financial risks and become their own bank.

Tax free retirement planning services for business owners and executives. We help you find money that pays for your retirement. Remove risk of losses and taxes and gain access to options that give you control, certainty, and flexibility.

Fleet Management & Vehicle Leasing

Outsourced Fleet Management to Save YOU Time & Money - Increase Cash Flow In Your Business

Through analyzing total cost of ownership, maintenance trends, fuel patterns, remarketing, and manufacturer incentives, we are able to tailor solutions to businesses who are looking to increase cash flow, reduce downtime, reduce maintenance costs, improve fuel efficiency, increase equity in vehicle, and improve acquisition costs.

Fleets we Manage and Service:

  • Contractor Fleets [Electrical Contractors, Roofing Contractors, HVAC Contractors, Asphalt/Paving Contractors, Pest Control, Etc...]
  • Sales Fleets [Liquor Distributors, Printing Services, Etc...]
  • Executive Fleets [Professional Sports Organizations, C-Suite Executive Teams, Etc...]
  • Municipal Fleets [Police Fleets, Public Works, Etc...]

Ideal Fleet Vehicles and Size

Ideal Fleet Size: 25 or more vehicles in your vehicle fleet

Ideal Vehicle Size: We manage vehicle fleets that include light duty [cars, pickup trucks, cargo vans] and medium duty size [box trucks, service trucks/vans, etc...] vehicles.


"There are two distinct classes of men...those who pay taxes and those who receive and live upon taxes."

-Thomas Paine

Protect your business, assets, and wealth by applying tax savings strategies and innovative compliant healthcare plans to increase your bottom line!




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